Friedrich A. Hayek Professor of Economic History, University of Missouri – St. Louis:

Associate Editor, Economic Modelling, from 2020.





“Gold, Silver, and the US Dollar as Harbingers of Financial Calm and Distress;” Sel Dibooglu, Emrah I. Cevik, Max Gillman; Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance;


The Spectre of Price Inflation, Max Gillman, Columbia University Press, US; Newgen Publishing, UK; for Agenda Publishing, 2022. 

Under Review:

“Nominal Effects on Oil and Gold Prices in Low and High Volatility Markov Switching Regimes”, with Emrah Cevik and Sel Dibooglu.

Revise and Resubmit

“Explaining Real Business Cycles with Human Capital Investment,” with Szilard Benk, Tamas Csabafi, Jing Dang, and Michal Kejak; Journal of Human Capital.

“Interest Rates with Optimal Inflation Tax Avoidance”,  with Tamas Csabafi, Ceri R. Davies, Michal Kejak; JMCB

Max Gillman, Tamas Csabafi, Ceri R. Davies, Michal Kejak, 2020, “Estimation of Interest Rates in Alternative Frequency Windows using Simulated Data”; with Tamas Csabafi, Ceri R. Davies, and Michal Kejak.

“Nominal Interest Rates and Inflation Rate Inversion: Bank Shocks and the Great Recession”, with Tamas Csabafi, Ceri Davies, and Michal Kejak; CEP.


“Lucas’s Methodological Divide in Inflation Theory: A Student’s Journey”, by M. Gillman, Journal of Economic Methodology, Volume: 29, Issue 1, pages 30 – 47. DOI:10.1080/1350178X.2021.2019818;

“Macroeconomic Trends among Visegrad Countries, EU Balkans, and the U.S.”, 2021, Central European Business Review, Special Issue “Transition in Central Europe and the Balkans since the Fall of the Wall;” June; Edited by M. Gillman.

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“International Business Cycle and Financial Intermediation”, 2019, Journal of Money, Banking and Credit, with Tamas Csabafi and Ruthira Naraidoo, Volume 51, Issue 8, December, Pages 2293-2303; Published here

Dynare/Matlab Codes: “International Business Cycle and Financial Intermediation”, 2019, Journal of Money, Banking and Credit. Dynare/Matlab Codes International Business Cycle and Financial Intermediation

Technical Appendix, 2020, to “International Business Cycle and Financial Intermediation”, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Vol. 51,
No. 8 (December), pp. 2293-2303. (Working Papers 1017, University of Missouri-St. Louis, Department of Economics).

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