Interview by Kyle Stallings for The Current, University of Missouri – St. Louis, on government debt, possible debt default, inflation and related topics:

TV interview by Laura Barczewski, KDSK news, Feb 28, 2023; Five on your Side 10pm News broadcast.

“The best 5 books that take up Walter Bagehot’s challenge;” by Max Gillman, March 1, 2023:

Interview by Cecilia Cammayo, MoneyGeek, on credit cards, March 1, 2023.;

UMSL Daily feature about Max Gillman at Turkey Government Summit on `Economic Transformation and New Paradigms’, meeting with President Erdogan; and other news articles following

International News coverage of Economic Summit in Istanbul, October 2022.;;;;;;;;;;;,1067471;

Interview by Alexis Zotos, KMOV, Channel 4, of Max Gillman shown October 13, 2022 at 5pm, 6pm news.

Interview by Brent Solomon, KSDK, August 24, 2022, on student loan debt forgiveness;

Interview by Fox 2 TV News, restaurants/inflation, April 18, 2022:; online:

Interview by Ryan Krull, Riverfront Times, “High Turnover May Lead to Higher Wages in State Government”, January 4, 2022.

Interview by Robert Townsend, KDSK TV, “St. Louis schools looking to fill dozens of openings”, October 9, 2021;

Interview by Robert Townsend, KDSK TV, “St. Louis area shoppers react to Walmart ending seasonal layaway plan”, September 21, 2021.

Interview by Amber Kong, Creditdonkey, “What gives money economic value?”, October 22, 2020,

Interview by Sabri Ben-Achour, NPR Marketplace,” Why is inflation still so low?” Mitchell Hartman and Sabri Ben-Achour, , Dec. 13, 2019.

Interview by Sabri Ben-Achour, NPR Marketplace, “What the Phillips curve tells us about inflation” by Sabri Ben-Achour, Jul 12, 2019.

Max Gillman and David C. Rose, The Wall Street Journal, “Time for Positive Interest Rates”, Nov. 1, 2018.

Max Gillman and David C. Rose, The Wall Street Journal, “Fed Should Slowly Unwind Excess Reserves”, September 26, 2018.

Max Gillman and David C. Rose, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “Is the House blueprint for tax reform good for St. Louis?”, Mar 8, 2017.

Gillman, Max, 2000, “Informal Hungarian Tax Breaks”, Wall Street Journal Europe, Letter to the Editor, January 9.

Gillman, Max, 1995, “Knotty Problem”, Letter to the Editor, Editorial Page, Asian Wall Street Journal, on dynamic budgeting and capital taxation, June 23-24.

Gillman, Max, 1988, “Budgeting Social Security”, Letter to Ed., The Wall Street Journal, April 7.

Gillman, Max, Steve Hofman, 1983, “Skirting the Budget,” New York Times, Op/Ed article; Aug. 5.

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